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Sunday, 4 August 2013

The friendly crafters

Hi everyone just a little news about The face book group The friendly crafters we have a few new things going on . Sundays is a swap day so you can pop over and swap your unwanted crafts for something you would use . Then we also have some fabulous competitions once a month and best of all we are now doing a blog day . So now you can pop over on a Tuesday and blog all your favourite blogs that you have . Our main aim is to help all crafters , so if you have any hiccups with your crafting then we have a fabulous team standing by to help you. So why not pop over and say hi . We hope to see you there.


Debbie Fisher said...

Hi Seema this sounds like a lovely group, i`ll pop by to say hi xxx

Kate M said...

I'll check it out!!

Avril Ann said...

Gonna pop over and check it out hun xxx